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Conventions Showcase the Real Power of Local

September 7, 2016

By Brian Noyes |


National conventions are one of the few places where big “P” politics collide with real grassroots.


The quadrennial meetings call together a combination of local activists, K Street lobbyists, party leadership and elected officials (from Mayors to Members of Congress), reminding all that each group needs the other for their political success. Myopically, it is easy for each one to feel they are the lynch pin in the democratic machine, but in reality, it takes them all to run our republic.


From a beltway perspective, grassroots can seem the most distant. This summer’s crash course should have been a reminder for decision makers in D.C. that local county chairs and partisan volunteers are critical assets to any policy debate.


This is what we do so well at Direct Impact. We engage and activate these folks on a daily basis – and it makes a difference in our clients’ success. Grassroots and local voices are incredibly valuable resources for policy leaders in our nation’s capital. They are our partners in change and we all work better when we are actively making them our allies in policy solutions.


Have you included this critical audience in your public policy plans? How will you engage them during the election cycle, the lame duck session of Congress and beyond? As you set forth your public policy campaigns, have you considered how to involve these influencers?


These are the questions that lead to success at the local level, which ultimately advances your priorities in Washington. This is where Direct Impact is making a real difference.

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