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New Faces in Congress and the Districts They Represent

November 14, 2016

By Connie Partoyan |


It was clear from the results of the 2016 election last week that many voters wanted change. They didn’t feel like their voice was being heard and they sent a clear message to elected officials that they need to listen more and respond to the needs of their constituents. That message will not be lost on new Members of Congress. As Members prepare for the 115th Congress and develop a legislative agenda focused on infrastructure investment, job creation, tax reform and health care reform – among other things – they and their staff will be looking to their constituents, key influencers and media back home for input and guidance.


This document – New Faces in Congress and the Districts They Represent – provides an early review of the 6 new Senators and 51 new Members in the U.S. House of Representatives, the policies that were the cornerstone of their campaign, the local media in their home state or district, and other local influences which will shape the way they govern. By offering a brief glimpse into their backgrounds and an overview of the states and districts they represent, we hope this document begins to paint a local picture of these freshmen legislators.


I also want to remind you that Direct Impact’s field network of public relations professionals – located in every media market and political jurisdiction in the U.S. – allows us to gain invaluable insights about what moves constituencies. Let us put these local assets to work for you. Now is the time to take your issue or brand to the local level.

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